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Build Your Life is a blog site which has four sub-categories, Faith, Family, Food and Fotos, but one over-arching theme of how and upon what can we build our lives.  There will be posts/articles/photos on various thoughts and musings, recipes, sports and other photography in each of the categories; the hope is that if even just a glimpse of what, or rather, who, is the firm foundation upon which to build is seen and clearly put forth, then mission will be accomplished. For if we truly are to live lives that are really living, then building those lives on a firm foundation is key.

The author and editor of Build Your Life is Teresa Brubaker, a wife, mother, friend, and most importantly, child of God, sinner saved by grace, and lover of Jesus.  She lives in Minnesota with her husband, Brad, as well as their three children, Nathan, Lydia and Becca.  She does sports and other photography, loves to cook, loves the outdoors and drives Uber to fund life and her other interests



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